What Would 2,400+ Leads In 14 Days (at $7 each) Do For Your Business?

What Would 2,400+ Leads In 14 Days (at $7 each) Do For Your Business?

What would 2,414 new, fresh leads in 2 weeks do to your business?

Well, we’ve just wrapped up a campaign for a client of ours and did just this.

2,414 leads in 14 days – at $7 each!

This was Phase 1 of the launch of a new business product for one of Australia’s Leading Real Estate & Property Educators.

The main goal was to build a list of hyper relevant, qualified and engaged prospects to then retarget with the new business product.

But, the biggest challenge we faced for this campaign was spending such a large ad budget, in such a short time – effectively and efficiently.

Sure, anyone can load up a campaign at $1,400 per day and let it run…

But, to do it while maintaining (AND reducing) the lowest cost per lead possible requires a strategic approach.

So, what did we do?

To start, we built out the campaign using a CBO (campaign budget optimisation), with multiple audiences, segmenting each into individual ad sets.

  • 1% Database Lookalike
  • 2% Database Lookalike
  • 3% Database Lookalike
  • Interest Based Audience 1
  • Interest Based Audience 2
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Retargeting Relevant Blog Traffic
  • Retargeting Organic Traffic and Engagement
Each ad set consisted of 8 different ads: split testing everything from creatives, video vs imagery, square vs portrait, different headline variations and ad copy angles.

After 48 hours, we then jumped in to analyse what was working and what wasn’t. 

Switching off anything with an undesirable lead cost, and continuing to hone in on the creatives, headlines and ad copy variations that were working.

By this stage, we had began to capture enough tracking data to begin horizontally scaling the campaign. This included the introduction of NEW lookalike audiences from anyone who had downloaded our lead magnet as well as vertically scaling the original ads and audiences that were generating strong results.

Expanding and fuelling our campaign’s targeting with additional hyper relevant audiences for Facebook to open up to.

In fact, we’ve worked with this particular client for almost 3 years now, consistently generating thousands of new leads every month through a combination of lead gen strategies.

This has resulted in as much as 10x ROI in a single month, allowing them to scale their monthly budgets from $20,000 upwards for $150,000+ in ad spend, 
without their results tanking.

Need help scaling your campaigns without the return blowing out? Speak to one of our growth marketing specialists today and find out the right scaling strategies that will work for your business.