What To Do When Your Ad Campaigns Suddenly Stop Working

What To Do When Your Ad Campaigns Suddenly Stop Working

What happens when campaigns that had always worked for your business, suddenly stop?

Every business owner we speak to relies on FacebookYouTubeGoogle or Instagram for generating leads, prospects and sales for their business.

So, what do you do when…

  • The costs of your LinkedIn Traffic Campaign are astronomical..?
  • Competition has forced your Google keywords costs to sky-rocketed..?
  • The cost of your Facebook lead form triples literally overnight for no apparent reason..?
  • Your Instagram engagement suddenly drops by 80% thanks to their latest algorithm updates..?
Other than feeling deflated and frustrated as hell, how do you react?

The landscape for advertising has 
always been evolving

Before the internet (yeah, remember that?!), print advertising was booming. TV was KING and Out Of Home was all the rage.

One thing has always remained the same. The advertising landscape has been, and always will be evolving.

The only thing that has changed?

The velocity at which it’s evolving.

Strategies that worked 12 months, 6 months… even 3 months ago (!!) may no longer be working.

During the “Golden Years” I remember being able to launch a campaign and then sit back and watch thousands of leads roll on in for months…

All I needed was:

1 version of copy
– 2 image creatives
– 1 lookalike audience

That. Was. It… Nearly 2,000 leads at $10 a pop!
But thanks to…

– The ever-changing ad platforms

– New algorithm changes and updates

– Stricter advertising policies

– Increased competition across the board

– Diversification of ad formats and platforms

Results started to plateau…

So, rather than hating on Facebook for it’s newsfeed algorithm changes… or

Google’s increased competition around my keywords…

I needed to evolve 
with the platforms we were running on – diversify my strategies, my targeting and my creatives.

This meant I needed to run 15 campaigns…

TARGETING 89 different Audiences…

WITH 6 varieties of Ad Copy…

5 Different Images and…

4 Video Creatives

Resulting in over 300+ separate ads all running simultaneously…
So, next time your campaigns break, don’t throw the towel in…

Try testing new creative angles, exploring audiences, introducing new variations of ad content and offers.

Millions of brands around the world are KILLING it on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You just need to know what the best strategy is…

Do you need help pinpointing exactly you need to generate:

More sales appointments…

More event attendees (who actually turn up)…

And sell MORE online…

Speak to one of our Growth Strategists today for a FREE tailored ad strategy for your business.