What is ManyChat (And Three Tips for Using it to Improve Conversions from Facebook and Instagram Messenger)

What is ManyChat (And Three Tips for Using it to Improve Conversions from Facebook and Instagram Messenger)

The rise of chatbots is a direct response to the number of people using social media to contact your business. Here’s how you can use a chatbot to boost conversions.

You could end up spending hours every day dealing with messages on Facebook and Instagram. This is especially the case as the business grows.

The more people who follow you, the more questions you’ll face. For some businesses, this requires an entire team of people to handle responses.

That costs your business both time and money.

Thankfully, the ManyChat tool can resolve this issue.

What Is ManyChat?

ManyChat is a chatbot creation tool that allows you to automate your Facebook and Instagram messaging. You can create bots with no coding expertise and create automated processes for them to follow.

There are plenty of benefits to using a chatbot. Firstly, they guarantee instant response times for customers. A human may leave a message unanswered for several hours due to how busy they are. A chatbot will respond instantly to a query, which makes the customer feel valued.

The bot will also help you to handle frequently asked questions more efficiently. If you identify a common query, you can program the bot with a specific answer so you don’t have to keep answering it.

You can also offer a degree of personalisation to your marketing with a chatbot. Plus, you can use it to deliver marketing materials more effectively. That’s because Facebook Messenger offers an average open rate of between 50% and 80%. That compares favourably to the ~20% that email marketing offers.

How to Use ManyChat to Improve Conversions

Now that you can see the benefits that ManyChat offers, it’s time to put it into practice.

These are three tips for using bots to improve conversions from Instagram and Facebook messaging.

Tip #1 – Make a Human Accessible

The first thing to remember is that many customers understand that they’re speaking to a bot.

For example, somebody using Domino’s Pizza’s ordering bot knows that they’re not speaking to a human. The same goes for most people who send a query to your business when you’re using a bot.

In most cases, this isn’t an issue. If the bot answers the question appropriately, the customer can continue on their journey.

The problem comes when the bot fails to answer the question. This can leave the customer feeling frustrated. If they don’t have the option to speak to a person when this situation occurs, they may lose interest in your business.

As such, it’s important to offer the option to speak to a person when using a chatbot. Try creating a “Did we answer your question?” option for the bot. If the user clicks “no”, the bot can then show them how to contact a person.

This keeps the customer invested in the query, which means you get another chance at converting them.

Tip #2 – Deliver Personalised Content

You can use chatbots as part of a content marketing strategy to build relationships with clients. Using a chatbot on Facebook or Instagram also offers advantages in this area. You can often use these platforms to find out more about the message recipient.

This allows you to personalise the automated messages that you send.

Others use chatbots to deliver personalised content based on how the recipient responds.

Whole Foods’ bot demonstrates this in action. The bot will ask what the customer’s looking for. They may type something like “vegan recipes”. Through a series of further questions, the bot then figures out what type of dish the customer has in mind.

It will then direct them to an appropriate piece of content on the Whole Foods website.

This pushes traffic to the site in an organic manner. Plus, it establishes the company as an authority, which means the customer will likely visit the site again. This raises the chances of them converting.

And of course, Whole Foods’ recipes will just so happen to use ingredients that the company sells. Again, this raises the chances of achieving conversions.

Segment’s research highlights the power of personalisation. They found that 49% of people had bought something they weren’t actively researching because of a personalised message. They also found that 44% of people will become repeat buyers if they get a personalised experience.

Use your ManyChat bot to deliver personalised content via Facebook and Instagram Messenger.

Tip #3 – Make Buying Easy

One of the main rules of sales is to make the buying process as easy as possible.

ManyChat allows you to create bots that streamline the purchasing process. You can use the bot to process sales within Messenger itself.

This only works for simple product sales. The bot will still need to redirect the user to your website if they want to make a more complex purchase. But a single purchase is something that a chatbot can handle quite easily.

Again, you can look at Domino’s order bot as a good example. The bot allows the user to order pizza while it looks for appropriate deals for them. The user can then activate any deal that takes their fancy.

As importantly, the user can then complete the transaction using the bot.

This creates a streamlined process that simplifies selling. To do this yourself, make sure that your chatbot can answer common queries. This moves the prospect closer to buying.

Once they want to place an order, ensure the bot can help them to choose a product. Furthermore, integrate a payment platform, such as PayPal, into the bot. This means you don’t have to redirect them to an online shopping cart to handle payments.

The customer can then complete the purchase in Messenger without having to deal with any complications.

The Final Word

Facebook and Instagram Messenger are both underutilised tools in current marketing. Many simply don’t recognise the potential that they hold for achieving sales.

They only see them as customer care vehicles.

Using a ManyChat bot, you can turn messenger into a vehicle for both customer care and sales.

Growth Marketing Solutions can show you how and build this tactic into a wider digital marketing strategy.

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