“What makes GMS different from every other agency?”
Our answer? We are officially a Premium Facebook Marketing Partner.

So, what does this mean?

Well, this title isn’t awarded to just any agency or Facebook advertiser.

In order to earn this badge, we’ve had to meet a minimum requirement:

  • Managing at least $USD 7 million a year in ad spend

  • Run optimised placements for ourselves and clients that ensure real business growth is met

  • Deliver tangible, measurable results for our clients.

Not something most agencies out there can boast.

This status is a testament to our team’s excellent track record in driving success for our clients across the Facebook and Instagram platforms, as well as strengthening our relationship with Facebook itself. It is proven that we work hard to demonstrate our capacity and ability across all areas of Facebook marketing, as well as managing a notably high level of media spend ($33+ million ad spend). This achievement speaks for itself.

Being a Facebook Marketing Partner means we’re supported by a dedicated team at Facebook, vetted for excellence in our industry and highly skilled on the platform.

According to Facebook: “Only companies that meet our highest standard for capability and performance earn the Facebook Partner badge, so you know they’re the best.”

The Facebook Marketing Programme is important. As more and more people advertise on Facebook, the use of digital agencies and third parties are rising. The programme allows businesses to pick their agency from a directory of trusted companies, rather than going with a firm who may not live up to their promises. As all of the members of the programme are heavily vetted, it means they can not make false claims or promise features that don’t exist.

We’re really excited to have been recognised for our great work to date, which has enabled us to to secure our premium partnership.

Facebook says that ‘Finding the right partner can help accelerate growth’, and we certainly believe that.

What does this premium partnership mean for current and future clients?

GMS has exclusivity to a wide variety of tools and benefits, including tools, resources, training and support, allowing us to provide an even better service to our clients.

Here are some of the key benefits of partnering with GMS over an agency that doesn’t have Premium status:

Here are a select few of the amazing features and benefits:

#1 – Exclusive Tools

Being a premium Facebook partner, we now have access to advanced analytic tools, recommendations, and reports to understand and improve client performance.

For better performance, we have exclusive tool features such as conversion optimizations, ad placements, and advanced audience targeting.

#2 – Paid-Media Resources

We will have access to the latest client decks and collateral, plus campaign best practices for better measurement and creative production that are only available to Premium Facebook Marketing Partner agencies..

#3 – Training & Blueprint Certification

 Clients can receive expert-level buying services, but they can also leverage the learning tools from Blueprint Online Courses, In Person Blueprint Training, Blueprint Spotlight, Virtual Measurement Training, Virtual Creative Training, Blueprint Live, Own the Room, Blueprint Practice Test, Facebook Certification Exam Testing and Facebook Certification Exam Voucher exclusively available to enhance knowledge for our clients.

#4 – 24/7 Ad Support

 We now have the ability to connect with premium live chat support and can schedule consultations with Facebook’s customer support, the technical support team, the solution engineering consultations, creative consultations and prioritized issue resolutions.

#5 – Invite-Only Events

From agency summits to measurement masterclasses, the GMS team now has the opportunity to attend Facebook expos, training, and events to fuel business success.

Therefore, these resources and tools can help our clients grow their business.

We have unmatched benefits as a Facebook Premium Partner and we can provide a better level of service for our clients which a lot of other agencies can’t provide as they do not have access.

Contact us, if you want to leverage off our status being a Premium Facebook Partner and want to work with one of Facebook’s most trusted agencies to help grow your brand.

So choose wisely and partner your business with a Premium Agency.