The Eight Must-Haves for Every Marketing Funnel

The Eight Must-Haves for Every Marketing Funnel

Funnels are the processes that take your customer from exploration to conversion. But some businesses don’t use their funnels effectively. Discover what it takes to get the most out of your funnel.

A marketing funnel represents the different stages a customer takes on their journey with you. This includes the first contact to the final conversion or purchasing stage.

Funnels are essential for businesses because they can lead to greater sales if strategized correctly. They also have the added benefit of creating stronger brand awareness and more loyalty.

Unfortunately, many people who create funnels tend to leave out some integral pieces. And it’s those missing pieces that make it function effectively.

So, before you design your marketing funnel, make sure you have the following facets in place.

The Must-Haves

Whether you’re new to funnels or have had one for a while, every funnel needs the right pieces.

#1 – A Consistent Theme

You need to have a consistent theme running throughout your funnel, not just on your landing page. Wherever that potential client goes in the funnel, they need to see elements that say that it’s you.

For example, you can use the same images on the side-bar adverts that they recognize. Or, if you have a logo, make sure that your branding is on everything from your landing page, opt-in page, and your website.

Using the same fonts, colours, and imagery can let potential clients know that they’ve landed in the right place.

#2 – Split Testing

Split testing is not necessarily a new thing. It’s been around for as long as the concept of funnels.

And there’s a reason for that.

It’s always important to split test as many elements on your page. You need to do it constantly, too.

The slightest changes on a landing page can yield some dramatic results in your conversion rates. That’s why it’s a good habit to form, even for the minimal changes.

#3 – Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are also a necessity for a great funnel.

These are those pop-ups that come up with your own website when a person doesn’t take action or goes to exit the page.

There’s a software that can track where a potential lead scrolls or clicks on a page. So, if they haven’t followed through with an action, the exit intent pop-up comes up.

These pop-ups may be annoying, but they also give you one last chance to generate customer data.

#4 – Mobile Optimisation

Where does the majority of business come from nowadays?

It comes from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes Google. The point, though, is that they come from a mobile device because that’s how most users search these sites now.

So, it only makes sense that you optimize your pages for mobile viewing.

In theory, anyway…

But you can fall into the trap of not always checking.

One of the reasons may be because when you build your funnels and landing pages, you do it on a desktop. You make sure everything looks great there but forget to check the mobile display.

If you don’t take the time to optimize for mobile, it creates a poor experience. And you’re going to see massive bounce rates as a result.

#5 – Proof Elements

Sometimes people need a bit of convincing when they come to your page. They may not be ready to purchase or opt in, whatever the case may be.

But they’re interested, and that’s a start.

A great way to get from a “maybe” to a “yes” is to include proof elements on your page.

Proof elements can be success stories like feedback reviews and testimonials. You can even use your Google reviews and Facebook reviews.

Emails can work as proof elements as well. Just screen grab an email from a happy client or use case studies.

If you aren’t using them already, you need to consider adding them to your page because they can improve your conversion rate.

#6 – One-Dimensional Landing Pages

How many offers do you have on your landing pages?

If you answered more than one, you may want to rethink your strategy.

For example, let’s say that you have an ad that goes straight to a free 20-minute training video. There’s only one offer on the page but there’s also nothing to distract them and make them bounce away from that page.

Look at it this way:

You spend all this time and money getting people over to your page. You want them to convert or take action. And the main way to do that is to focus on one core product or service and not detract from it with other options.

#7 – The Decoy Effect

The decoy effect is all about presenting options and perceived value.

This is how it works:

When you have two offers with different price points, people will buy the cheaper option. But when you add a third and more expensive option, they’re more likely to choose the middle option. And usually, that’s your core offer anyway.

This works from a psychological point of view because people want to buy what they think is more valuable.

So, try to add on a third option or “decoy” with extra add-ons to justify the added price tag. It may help increase your revenue and conversion rate.

#8 – Optimised Thank You Pages

You do a lot of things to get people through a funnel to completion. When clients finally choose to opt in, many people have a simple thank you page for confirmation.

This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s also a missed opportunity.

Instead of simply thanking them for their details or scheduling an appointment, why not go one step further?

Give them more content to fuel that flame and build that relationship further.

This may be anything from a short video to a blog post. You can even ask them to join one of your groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The point is that you have an opportunity to give them a bit more content before they go.

So, why not go for it?

Funnelling Your Way to Great Conversions

Funnelling is essential to generating leads and increasing your revenue. But having a funnel isn’t enough.

Ensure that you’re getting the best conversion rates possible with small changes to your landing pages and thank you pages. And don’t forget to get into the habit of testing constantly.

Incorporating these must-haves can make a big difference in your customer experience as well as conversions.

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