Phase #1: Your Goals, Objectives & Results

  • Deep dive into your sales/marketing funnels
  • Analyse current stats/metrics
  • Finding hidden “holes” in the digital flow
  • Set new goals and benchmarks

Phase #2: Road Map / Implementation

  • Recommended plan of implementation & objectives
  • Start building customised dashboard reporting
  • Setting milestones and timelines
  • Determining measurements and ROI

Phase #3: Going Live

  • Rapid fire testing
  • Optimizing campaign for incremental ROI
  • Copywriting/content creation
  • Identifying multiple ideal client audiences

Phase #4: Validation

  • Identify winning results from initial launch campaigns 
  • Determine what audience segments are responding best
  • Optimizing budget 
  • Identifying what scaling strategy will be best moving forward

Phase #5: Scaling


  • Once positive results are shown, start to scale towards KPIs
  • Implement new A/B split tests: headlines, copywriting and audiences
  • Design new promotional initiatives (season offers etc)
  • Plan for first quarterly strategy session to realign goals