We are your ‘go to guys’ for digital marketing management

We’re the behind the scenes players making big moves for your brand. We help grow your products and services through effective media advertising campaigns – the returns speak for themselves.

That’s the difference at Growth Marketing Systems. We care about your success!”

Our Story

Growth Marketing Systems was turned into a reality in 2016 by founder, Blake Micola.

Since then the team has helped globally recognised brands grow their products and services effectively, through social media and digital media advertising campaigns.

As a performance-based marketing agency, we’ve managed more than $30 million – validating, testing and trialling every type of paid social media ad strategies across dozens of industries, from Australia to the UK, US, across the ditch and even Switzerland.

So when it comes to performance-based marketing, we know what converts for your business.

What’s our secret?

Our passionate team brings together agency-land entrepreneurs, start-up founders and ex-Facebook employees.

We live and breathe everything digital.

Our ability to stay ahead of the digital curve with ad platform updates, the newest marketing strategies and knowledge of the latest marketing tools and software, allows our specialised team to maximise ROI for businesses, just like yours.

We only work with businesses who are as committed to succeeding online as we are. For every $100 our clients put in, we look to at least double or triple that in return within 90 days.