How to Generate as Much as 3 to 30x ROI with Facebook and Instagram Advertising (Five Tips for Creating Better Ad Campaigns)

How to Generate as Much as 3 to 30x ROI with Facebook and Instagram Advertising (Five Tips for Creating Better Ad Campaigns)

Are you struggling to maximise the returns you get from your Facebook and Instagram ads? These five tips will help you boost your ROI so it’s up to 30x more than what you spend.

The ultimate goal of your social media campaigns is to get people to convert. It’s all well and good building your reach and attracting a lot of traffic. But if people aren’t converting, you’re not making any money.

That’s the worst-case scenario when you’re using Facebook and Instagram ads.

You’re spending money on these campaigns. That means they need to generate returns so you can justify the spending.

When that’s not happening, you’re wasting the business’ money.

You need to boost your ROI. And with these five tips, you’ll be able to build more effective Facebook and Instagram ads.

Tip #1 – Identify Your Audience

Both Facebook and Instagram boast more than 1 billion users.

That’s an enormous potential audience. And the temptation is always to create ad campaigns that reach as many of those people as possible.

Therein lies the problem.

These untargeted campaigns result in you spending money to advertise to people who’ll never buy your product or service.

You need to identify your audience.

That’s where the Facebook Pixel comes into play. You can plug this handy little tool into your ad campaigns. It’ll collect data about the people who see your ad so you can see who’s interacting and who’s ignoring the ad.

Use that data to figure out which audience segments respond most positively to the ad. Then, change the ad’s audience targeting so that it’s only reaching those people.

Tip #2 – Track Your Campaigns

If you’re not tracking your ad campaigns, you leave yourself in the dark. You have no idea what’s working and what isn’t. That means you can’t optimise your campaigns to make them more effective.

When you create a new campaign, you’re just guessing all over again.

This may seem obvious. Yet it’s surprising to find that many people don’t track their campaigns beyond looking at the final ROI.

Facebook offers a lot of data to help you track your ad performance. But it’s the Offline Events feature that may be the most useful. This allows you to track what happens after somebody clicks on your Facebook or Instagram ad.

When you make a sale, you can upload the purchase file into the Offline Events tool. It identifies the ad that the buyer saw that eventually led to them converting.

Use this data to spot trends in regards to which ads lead to purchases versus those that just result in empty clicks.

Tip #3 – Optimise Your Landing Pages

You may have the greatest ad copy in the world.

However, that’s not going to lead to conversions on its own. Your ads send people to landing pages. And if those landing pages aren’t up to scratch, you’re not going to make any sales.

You need to optimise your landing pages to boost your ROI.

Here are a few tips that will help you along.

  • Make sure you optimise your landing pages for mobile devices. According to Statista, 52.2% of global web traffic came from mobile devices in 2018. That’s a huge audience that you miss out on if your landing page doesn’t display well on smartphones and tablets.
  • Ensure the message on your landing page matches the message in your ad. Sending people to an unrelated landing page will lead to them closing the tab and never coming back.
  • Split test different landing pages to see if the changes you make have any beneficial effects.
  • Focus on the customer’s needs and wants. Speak more about how your service benefits the customer, rather than just speaking about how great you are.
  • Use videos to convey complex ideas without having to stuff the landing page with written content. This keeps your call to action prominent while allowing you to get your points across.

Tip #4 – Emphasise Your Brand

In today’s environment, people connect with brands. They want to know that you have the same vision and ambitions as they do. Your brand is a marketing tool in its own right.

However, many people don’t emphasise their brands in their Facebook and Instagram ads.

That’s a problem. People need to know who you are before they’ll buy from you.

The solution is to use some of your ad budget to build your brand. This is especially useful when targeting new customers. Your first ads should help the customer find out more about you. Once they know who you are, then you can target them with ads that try to sell your product.

These initial ads likely won’t generate a great ROI on their own. But when you follow them up properly, you can boost ROI by advertising to people who now know about your brand.

Tip #5 – Retarget Constantly

Your stats will reveal that there are many people who show some level of interest in your service without actually buying anything.

Some of these may have checked your company out before bouncing from your landing page. Others may have even started adding products to their shopping cart before abandoning the purchase.

These are all people whom you should retarget with more ads.

The Facebook Pixel helps here again. It allows you to track what people do when they hit your landing page.

Find those who almost converted. Then, retarget them with more personalised ads to try to pull them back into your funnel.

The Final Word

It can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to boost the ROI of your Facebook and Instagram ads. That leads to you just throwing ads out there and letting Facebook take care of the rest.

This leads to inefficient ad campaigns that don’t generate as many conversions as they should.

Follow these tips to build ad campaigns that generate a superior ROI. And remember, Growth Marketing Systems is here to help if you’re struggling.


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