You run ads on the usual platforms regularly. But you’re not seeing the results that you need. Discover how machine learning can elevate your marketing success.

What would you do if you could reach your audience no matter where they are on the internet?

Quantcast offers that service and they’ve partnered up with Growth Marketing to add an extra layer of intelligence to their ad campaigns.

In 2006, Quantcast entered the data analytics business but moved into the advertising space three years later. Using their version of machine learning, or programmatic, they’re able to penetrate online space like never before.

Think of it this way…

Internet users use three main spaces when they’re online.

They purchase things online using websites like Amazon and eBay. They’re also on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users also perform searches on Google and other similar browsers.

But that only accounts for 30% to 40% of their time.

So, where are they during the other 60%+ when they access the internet?

That’s where Quantcast comes in. They’re involved in the behavioural side of the internet.

Using real-time analytics, they can predict where users go and where they want to end up. And they give advertisers a clear path so that they can connect with those users outside of the three main environments.

Analytics is not a new concept with advertisers. Savvy marketers use data sets to pinpoint their target audience all the time.

But the way that Quantcast marries machine learning and advertising takes it to a new level.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reach more people, this may be the solution for you.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning and AI probably conjures up images of blockbuster movies and science fiction novels.

You know, the ones where the machines inevitably take over the world?

That’s not exactly what Quantcast does so you can rest assured.

Quantcast uses a subset of artificial intelligence or AI. But it’s not a true AI, meaning that it won’t suddenly develop its own personality.

Instead, machine learning is really just a collection of mathematical equations. The program does have the capacity to learn, which is probably where the fear comes from.

However, from a marketing standpoint, it’s all about creating efficiencies.

There are billions of points of behavioural data. Identifying patterns within those data sets is something that no human can realistically do.

But those algorithms for machine learning can do it. And in doing so, accurately target the audience that you’re looking for.

It’s really all about maths equations and predictive models.

From a business standpoint, machine learning allows you to look at certain behaviours that lead to a certain outcome. It identifies how to bring other consumers on that same journey and puts that message in front of them. When this happens, you can predictably convert consumers earlier in their customer journey.

What Can Machine Learning Do for Your Business?

Machine learning has a variety of applications for advertisers and marketers.

And the good news is that it can work for any business throughout their marketing funnel.

That means that if you want to drive outcome or consideration, machine learning can help you get there.

If you want to drive an action to your website, machine learning can help with that, too. Not only can you get a great ROI with it, but it can drive revenue as well.

Here’s an example of how machine learning can work for you:

Growth Marketing has a client with an online furniture business. They worked with the client within the Facebook ecosystem and got great results for them.

Next, they branched out to Google Ads and used Google’s ecosystem, too.

At this point, Growth Marketing has the social and search environments covered. They also include Pinterest and Snapchat into their advertising strategies.

But they want more results for the client, so they team up with Quantcast for a campaign. Machine learning helped Growth Marketing and their client reach more people. And they were also able to retarget people outside of the Facebook and Google ecosystems.

Quantcast was able to pinpoint the right people and clusters to display the ads to. At one point, they were tracking at 13-14 times return.

That was good news for Growth Marketing because they were spending a lot of money on social platforms and Google. So, they wanted help in displaying the ads the best way possible to generate the highest return on ad spend.

The Value of Data

Retargeting an audience can lead to more customer action because you’re getting ads in front of the right people. But it’s not the same retargeting you may be familiar with.

When you retarget using machine learning, it’s all about the data.

Imagine those ads that follow you all over the internet. They usually target you because you hit a potential trigger.

But they only use one or two points of data to come to that conclusion. So, they may be targeting the wrong person for that particular product.

Machine learning, on the other hand, takes consumer behaviour into account.

Let’s take car advertisements as an example.

You may land on a site that triggers that you’re in the market for one. Maybe you’re not and you were looking for something else. But that ad follows you around.

Or maybe you’re not the right demographic for the car ad but it still follows you around anyway.


Because of the data, or lack thereof, that the campaign is using.

If the advertiser only relied on that one trigger to show ads, it’s not very effective. To get the most value out of retargeting, you need to have good data.

Otherwise, you may waste money chasing down consumers who already converted or had no intention to.

Optimise with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have a bad reputation.

But once you get past that initial fear of the unknown, you’ll realise that it’s the only way to optimise your campaigns.

Not only does it get your display ads in front of more people, but it also gets those ads in front of the right people; the people that want to see them.

And those people are more likely to convert.

It’s a win-win situation.

Businesses get the benefits of increased conversion rates, higher ROI, and increased revenue. And consumers see the ads that are truly applicable to them.

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