How GMS Stacks Up vs ‘Other Agencies’

How GMS Stacks Up vs ‘Other Agencies’

Have you been burnt by an ad agency?

So often we hear of business owners being disappointed by agencies who promise the world, and then fall short of their promises.

BUT – not all agencies are the same.

One of our clients had invested over $50,000 into multiple agencies before she found us.

And this is what she had to say about us…

Hey guys,

I have a secret… When I brought you on to work on my account I actually hired another ad agency at the same time.

My thinking was that if I paid for 2, surely 1 (at least) would work.

As you guys were a personal referral to me, I decided to give it a go. And, full transparency – I had GREAT HESITATION about your agency!

I’ve spent over $50k on ad agencies before, and none of them delivered results.

But there is a reason why I’m telling you this lol…

When I kicked off this campaign – I hosted them in different ad accounts so that it was clear and obvious my cost per result per advertiser.

And honestly, I can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the results:


The ‘Other’ Agency:

It took nearly 3 weeks for the other agency to even launch their campaign!

I eventually stopped them working because we didn’t get not 1 single completed registration or lead.

Whereas with GMS – well… you can see for yourself. 

You guys understood the brief, got to work and within days had rego’s coming in…

I know my budget wasn’t massive with about $6000 over a 60 day window. But you guys understood the brief, and delivered.

Which is something that the other agencies and experts seemed to find difficult!

We didn’t want traffic at this point. We wanted registrations.

He sent us around like headless chickens creating Landing Page Views, traffic campaigns and Blogs.

While you guys sent us qualified traffic that wanted to opt in!

I hired 3 different agencies, lost more than $50,000 before I found you guys!

I had lost faith with Facebook… I simply couldn’t manage past $1,500/mo in ad spend, and I needed help.

So, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to you guys and give you a shout out.

You’re the gold standard of Digital Marketing, and I refer you to everyone that asks me who runs my ads.

Love your work,

Carrie 🙂

Can you relate to Carrie’s story?

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