How a New Brand Achieved $30 Million in Shopify Sales in One Year (And The Five Hacks For Your Shopify Store)

How a New Brand Achieved $30 Million in Shopify Sales in One Year (And The Five Hacks For Your Shopify Store)

When David Wolfe founded Leesa, he had a simple goal in mind:

Help people get better sleep.

Sick and tired (literally) of all of the gimmicky mattresses he saw others selling, he got to work. Speaking to a friend in the industry, he asked what he would do to create a better mattress.

The answer?

Strip out all of the gimmicks and just create a quality mattress that offers a great experience.

That’s exactly what David did and he created Leesa to get that mattress out to the public.

He just needed a website for the brand, which is why he turned to Shopify. David knew that the platform had all of the tools that he needed to market his new product. But what he didn’t know was quite how powerful his new Shopify store could be.

During his first full month of selling on Shopify, David made a staggering $800,000 in revenue. And in 2015 alone, Leesa sold more than $30 million of mattresses and related products.

That’s how powerful Shopify can be as an ecommerce platform. But to make it work for you, it’s important that you master the mysteries of Shopify marketing.

These are the five hacks that will help you.

Shopify Hack #1 – Leverage User-Generated Content

Your customers are one of the most powerful marketing tools that you have. And in the days of social media, the content that they generate can prove more powerful than your own.

Take Burberry as an example.

Way back in 2009, they created their Art of the Trench campaign. They asked their customers to post pictures of themselves wearing their Burberry trench coats to social media. Occasionally, the company would grab one of these pictures and feature it on their own store and social pages.

The result?

A 50% boost in sales for the company’s line of trench coats.

That’s the power of user-generated content. To make it work for your Shopify store, ask yourself how you can get your customers involved. Could you run a similar campaign to Burberry? Perhaps you could create a competition to encourage people to submit pictures, videos, or even reviews?

User-generated content works because it allows your prospects to see what your current customers think. There’s an element of trust there that you can’t get from your sales copy.

Shopify Hack #2 – Prioritise Mobile

As each year goes by, more and more people use their mobile devices to browse the web. At the moment, about 60% of web users in the USA use mobile ahead of desktop. Europe has seen similar growth.

In Australia, smartphone penetration stands at 84%, which is the fourth-highest percentage in the world.

The point is that your customers want to be able to access your Shopify store on their mobile device. This means you need to focus on optimising your store for mobile. That starts with choosing a responsive website theme that displays well across all devices. But the real goal is to make it as simple as possible for people to buy using mobile. If your customers can’t get what they need in the space of a few taps, they may move on to your competitors.

Shopify Hack #3 – Create Original Content

Far too many Shopify store owners fail to invest in original content. They copy and paste product descriptions for what they offer.

The problem here is that they’re offering nothing of value beyond the product itself. This creates a transactional relationship with their customers. If somebody finds the same product for less elsewhere, they’ll have no hesitation in leaving for the other store.

Your original content can stop that from happening.

Your content is the key to establishing your own brand and identity. It’s what you use to create value for your customers beyond the products that you offer. Your blog posts, eBooks, videos, and podcasts all build up the brand that you’re trying to create.

It’s through your content that you engage and create loyal customers who keep coming back.

Shopify Hack #4 – Feature Testimonials Prominently

There are few things more powerful than social proof when it comes to Shopify marketing.

What is social proof?

It’s the case studies and testimonials that your current customers give you. Social proof is the evidence that you can deliver on the promises that you make to your customers. And because it comes from third parties, your social proof creates deeper belief in the quality of your offering than your other copy.

That’s why you need to feature it prominently on your Shopify store.

Take your testimonials as an example. Ideally, you’ll have a few of them on your home page so that people can instantly see that you deliver. Having a separate page for testimonials helps too, as does placing relevant testimonials or reviews on product pages.

Shopify Hack #5 – Email Shopping Cart Abandoners

There are so many reasons why somebody might abandon a shopping cart.

Something might come up that takes their attention away from the purchase. Or, they might get cold feet at the last minute and decide to do more research.

The problem you have is that many of these abandoners never come back.

That’s why you’ve got to follow up with them. If you have the person’s email address, send them a message to remind them of the purchase they almost made. If you don’t, consider building popups into your store that trigger when somebody’s about to abandon their cart.

The key is to follow up rather than let the abandoners go.

Start Your Shopify Marketing

With these five hacks, you’ll supercharge your Shopify marketing strategy. Each tip helps you to land more customers and, just as importantly, keep them.

But maybe you need a little more help.

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