Simplify your paid marketing and scale your business effectively using the The Amplify Method™

Discover why over 300 brands trust this unique data-driven methodology to help them get more sales, and generate massive scale.


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Are you sick of inconsistent results from your online ads?

Are you sick of scaling your ad budgets, but the only thing that increases are your acquisition costs?

Struggling to stay on top of the constant algorithm changes… new ad platforms… Latest strategies?

Then it’s time to seriously scale your revenue using GMS’ unique, data-driven methodology – The Amplify Method™

As a successful business owner, do you find it draining (and inefficient) getting bogged down in the weeds, while trying to grow and scale a profitable business?

That’s where GMS steps in…

As Australia’s number one in marketing services, we know how to run profitable digital ad campaigns that generate thousands of qualified leads and traffic for your brand that convert into more revenue.

If you’re struggling to keep up to date with the latest strategies and ad platforms, you’re already wasting your valuable time and losing potential customers to your competitors every day.

Without a team that knows what they’re doing you’ll never get the results you want.

Following The Amplify Method™ we look under the hood of your business and identify the levers that are already working in your favour to create a tailored, data-driven and omni-channel approach specifically for your business.

After all, your business is unique. So why use a “Cookie-Cutter” solution?

In business there is no “one size fits all”.

So, if you want to Get More Sales, Generate More Scale and stand out from your competition in the hyper competitive and oversaturated online environment then speak with our team of rockstars today.

Want to work with us? We’re not for everyone.

At GMS, we provide a premium service. We only work with businesses who are as committed to succeeding online as we are.

We specialise in digital brands in the professional service and eCommerce space. We’ll only accept clients we know we can 100% deliver on. That’s our guarantee to you.

Is this your business?

  • You must have an existing product/service and proof that it works
  • Your business must be turning over at least $500,000 per annum
  • You have at least $5,000 advertising budget per month
  • You work in one of the below industries:
    • Medical professionals
    • Fitness
    • Leisurewear
    • Health foods and products
    • Allied Health
    • Life Coaches

With our ‘Amplify’ method, we’ve skyrocketed the success rate of hundreds of renowned brands in Australia and across the world.

We’ve turned $140,000 into over $1 million in sales for one of Australia’s most well known wealth creation educators…

Grew $45,000 into an annual revenue of $4 million for a global design brand – a 36% increase from the previous period.

We successfully scaled the campaign budgets for a Women’s Healthcare clinic by 2,000% while simultaneously reducing the overall CPA


Need more proof?