Five Tips to Skyrocket Your Shopify Sales With Dynamic Facebook Ads

Five Tips to Skyrocket Your Shopify Sales With Dynamic Facebook Ads

Facebook ads give your Shopify marketing strategies unprecedented flexibility. Use these five tips to create dynamic Facebook ads that actually work.

It’s much more important to show the right ad at the right time than to show a lot of ads all the time.

In today’s saturated market environment, social media marketing is more relevant than ever. Any marketing strategy that ignores that leaves a lot of potential sales on the table.

Facebook is still the leading social media platform in the world. Social media is especially effective in generating traffic for Shopify stores.

Dynamic ads made it to Facebook in 2015 and have since become the go-to solution for Shopify store owners. The beauty of dynamic ads is that they allow a high degree of control over who sees them and when.

However, to take advantage of this control, the ads must be well designed and applied.

What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads

There’s no question that Facebook marketing has an excellent ROI, but the real power lies in dynamic ads.

With dynamic ads, you can retarget shoppers at the right time and through the right channels. Exposing potential buyers to advertising in this fashion is one of the best ways to generate conversion.

Buyers in the final decision stage are a perfect target for dynamic ads.

A huge advantage is that this process is automated. If a dynamic ad campaign is set up right, it basically drives itself.

Shopify stores, in particular, can generate leads and sales much easier with dynamic ads. Normally, you’d need to spend a big part of the marketing budget creating awareness and trust. This isn’t true for dynamic ads.

The easiest way to convert potential buyers is to show them the products they already need. Dynamic ads allow you to target shoppers based on their interests. The advantage of this for Shopify owners is that you don’t need great brand awareness to create conversions.

With very little investment and the right approach, dynamic ads can be your next star marketing tool. Use the following tips to create dynamic ads that really work.

Tip #1 – Understand the Process

Most Shopify owners don’t have a fully dedicated development team at their disposal.

This makes it all the more important to understand the process of setting up dynamic ads. And it starts with the Facebook Business Manager tool. A business manager account allows you to track and control your store’s Facebook presence.

Once the BM account is set up, you can create a Facebook pixel. The pixel is the driver for the data needed to run dynamic ads. It’s a snippet of code that records the actions of shoppers after they click an ad. This data is then fed back into Facebook’s ad engine to improve targeting.

Installing the pixel isn’t complicated but there is a process to it. Facebook has great resources explaining how to do this and how to get the most out of it.

The Facebook pixel can track 17 different standard events. Events such as “Add to Cart” and “Initiate Checkout” are especially important. Pick the events you need and insert the relevant event code on the page where the action takes place.

 Tip #2 – Make Sure You Have a Great Catalogue

The product catalogue in your Business Manager contains all the products you’re advertising. It’s also known as the product feed.

Shopify users have a much easier time with this whole process. Facebook has Shopify integration and can extract the product catalogue from your store. Simply connect your Shopify account to Facebook through the Ads Help Center.

You can choose to upload all or just some of the products that you sell. If you choose to upload all of them, it’s smart to apply constraints. By targeting only certain demographics or focusing on retargeting, you can get better ad relevance and value.

Tip #3 – Use Metrics Wisely

Pay close attention to demographic data when deciding on ad templates. Your goal should be to understand how different groups respond to ads. This is crucial when you have a range of products that appeal to many distinct demographics.

To engage with shoppers and create conversions, you need to know their motivations. A young adult has completely different priorities than a senior.

Use this information to set up ads based on relevant event triggers for each audience. Also, keep a close watch on ad frequency. Perhaps counterintuitively, some groups will convert much easier with less frequent ads.

Tip #4 – Refine Ads Until They’re Perfect

Facebook’s pixel will give you a lot of information. Make good use of that information for the best ROI.

This can mean a lot of things. Choosing the right picture for a product is just as important as ad frequency. Think about what you need to show the customer. If a single picture is enough, use Facebook’s guidelines of 1:19:1 and 1280 x 628 pixels. If a picture doesn’t cut it, consider a carousel or video.

Keeping your ad copy fresh is another important aspect. Do a lot of testing to find the right copy. Try different headlines and calls to action. Make sure it’s concise and to the point. Action and urgency are the emotions you’re trying to evoke.

Tip #5 – Don’t Waste Money on Products That Don’t Perform

If a product isn’t generating profit, it has to go.

The biggest mistake you can make is trying to fix a chronically underperforming product with more advertising. Sometimes it’s better to reduce the size of your catalogue rather than throw good money after bad.

This is primarily an allocation problem. There’s only so much advertising budget and each product gets a share of it. Make the most of your budget by cutting out the laggards.

The Final Word

Dynamic ads are a great tool for Shopify owners. They let you focus marketing exactly where it needs to go. They’re also the best way to retarget customers you seem to have lost.

It doesn’t take much to get value out of Facebook dynamic ads. The setup process is easy for Shopify stores with Facebook’s partner integration. Facebook’s pixel will provide you with all the data you need.

All you need to do is make sure you’re using that data in the right ways. Whether that be optimizing your copy or getting rid of products that are eating up ad budget without converting.

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