Five Pinterest Advertising Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Five Pinterest Advertising Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Pinterest users are more willing to try the things found on the platform than any other social network. This could be your chance to promote your products to a very engaged and responsive audience.

If you want to find a new recipe or inspiration to decorate your house, where would you go? Pinterest, of course! With 250 million users, Pinterest is one of the platforms that are growing rapidly every single day. What’s more, Pinterest ads have much bigger potential than those on other social networks.

In fact, 98% of Pinterest users say that they’ve tried things that they found on this platform. That’s a much higher percentage in comparison to platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Also, they don’t make a difference between organic and paid content. As long as it’s useful to them, they won’t mind whether it’s an ad or organic pin.

If you want to succeed in Pinterest advertising you have very high chances, but you need to have a strategy. First, you need to understand how this platform works and what do the users expect from it. If you don’t have time to observe them, our Pinterest advertising tips will help you get the most out of this platform.

The Tips

Here are the five proven tips you can apply today to supercharge your Pinterest campaigns. The results may just blow you away.

Understand the Different Types of Ads

Pinterest offers various formats of ads. You can experiment with them and choose the one that works best for your audience. But you first need to know the pros and cons of the different types of ads available. When people first get started with advertising on Pinterest, most would opt for Promoted Pins.

They appear in the user’s feed and look like organic pins, except for the label. Promoted Pins are great for brand awareness campaigns as you can reach a lot of people with them. Then, there are the Promoted Carousels, a format that’s perfect for storytelling. You can use it to promote more related products at the same time.

Buyable Pins take users directly to your landing page. They’re ideal for bottom-funnel campaigns, as they make shopping easy and fun. Finally, there are also Video Ads. A Pinterest study has shown that users react better to calls to action in video ads than standard ones.

Bear in mind that a lot of people use Pinterest in public with the sound off. You should either create video ads that don’t depend on the sound or add subtitles. Video ads require a lot of work, but they’re memorable and effective.

Focus on SEO

Pinterest is much more than a social network. Most users use it as a search engine to find a solution to their problems. And how do they look for it? By entering keywords, of course. Pinterest SEO is similar to Google SEO except for some additional rules. You have to optimize both your profile and your ads.

First, do your keyword research to come up with keywords that aren’t too obvious and have lower competition. Don’t forget to include related keywords in your profile description. You shouldn’t overstuff it with keywords, just make sure they’re there. The same goes for every ad and the caption of every pin you create.

Repurpose High-Performing Organic Pins

If one of your organic pins is performing better than others, you have to pay attention to what you did there. Use those insights to create similar pins that your audience will love. What’s more, you don’t even have to come up with new content. You can repurpose high-performing organic pins and use them to create ads.

If you’ve got a highly informative pin, you can break it up and create enough materials for multiple ads. All you have to do is change the format. You can experiment with different ad formats. If a lot of people saved your organic pin with some tips, you could create a video where you explain in even more detail.

Narrow Down Your Audience

The key to success in Pinterest advertising is to carefully target your audience. Bear in mind that you can create different ads that target different audiences. Pinterest allows you to narrow down your audience by selecting various parameters.

It’s not only possible to select gender, location, and language, but you could also target an audience that uses a particular device. When targeting one or more audiences, you should always have your goal in mind. Do you want to grow brand awareness, or maybe you want to target people who bought something similar?

Leverage Group Campaigns

Group campaigns are a very convenient way to achieve your goals. If you’ve found your ideal audience, you can target them with different pins. This approach does not only save time, but it also gives you a lot of space for storytelling or promoting different products.

However, you shouldn’t exaggerate with the number of pins per group. For best results, each group should have two to four pins that are somehow connected. If you have more target groups, create separate group campaigns for each of them. You can proceed to change the tone or design according to their age, location, or preferences.

Creative Wins the Race

By following these five simple steps, you should be able to leverage your campaigns and multiply your results. However, bear in mind that Pinterest advertising is much more than strategies and numbers. It requires creativity and finding innovative solutions. Pinterest users are always looking for something different and unique.

If you want to learn how to apply these tips to your business, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consult with the experts from Growth Marketing Systems.