Blake Micola

What are the best features / unique of your CRM?

ActiveCampaign is a full feature CRM and marketing platform with many of the tools you’d need to manage and automate your business. This makes ActiveCampign a great way to minimise the number of different platforms you can integrate to take care of your business.

What makes it even more desirable is that you do get all these features for a tantalising price point, making it obtainable for many businesses. It’s also great straight out of the box and can fit many different business types and sizes.

What some common myths about your CRM?

Many would say that it wouldn’t be the best to scale with, in saying that it has many tools that you can start using straight away. You can’t always depict your growth and to outlay a huge implementation cost before you’ve really gotten up and running can be risky. ActiveCampaign will allow you to get in the game, harness data and you can cross the bridge to the next level.

Who are the solutions best tailored for?

It is not necessarily just focused at small businesses, but at its price point you can see why it’s highly desirable. It’s easy to implement, it’s easy to bring in your data and to set up. If you’re looking to switch or get started with a CRM, this could be a good one to look at.

Who is the solution NOT for?

It’s better suited towards service business as it does focus on the deals pipeline which is not as often a concern in product businesses, especially FMCG (Blake does mention Klaviyo which is niched as an eCommerce CRM).

What types of systems does it integrate with?

It’ll click into most of the popular systems out there, whether through a direct API or Zapier. You can then set milestone, triggers and automation around each stage to ensure customers are being supported all along the sales process.

Ever wanted to market through SMS? This is oen of the great internal integrations with ActiveCampaign.

What is some Ballpark Pricing and expected ROI?

To get started, you can always jump on the free trial to test it out and if you like it, the first user level is a whopping . . . $9 per user / per month. Not much of a leap to get into the game, up to Enterprise which is $229 per month. The other cost will be incurred as you grow your database, the more contacts you have the more the cost will increase, much like other platforms.

The ROI perspective, without even being highly proactive, the automation around emailing nurtures around 10% of leads into customers for the business. Proactively they can now build out a sales engine, integrate inbound and outbound efforts and let the system manage a sudden growth in leads – the system will allow for that congruent experience and support for every customer.

How long can it take to Implement – from planning to go live?

It does not take long to implement, as mentioned, it is great straight out of the box. The UX is drag and drop making creating workflows easy with triggers and milestones.

Who would you love to chat to and why?

GMS would like to connect with business who’d like advice on ActiveCampaign or how to take advantage of their online advertising ie. Google AdsFacebookYoutubeInstagramLinkedInSnapchat and Pinterest. To even take create and integrated programmatic advertising campaign with your digital spend – feel free to reach out to Blake on or go to – Helping online brands grow.