Are You Using the Right Visuals For Your Landing Page Conversions?

Are You Using the Right Visuals For Your Landing Page Conversions?

If you’re not getting the conversions you want, the problem could be your visuals. Find out how to incorporate the right visuals for your landing page.

You did everything right. The sales funnel attract potential leads. And your content is enticing.

So, why are your landing page conversions lacking?

The problem may lie in your visuals.

People are very visual. The right visuals can subtly invite visitors to want more. But the wrong ones can do the opposite.

And you may inadvertently send people away with the visuals on your page.

In this situation, the devil is in the details. Pick the right details for your product or service. And watch your conversions soar.

The Tips

Your copy may be the best ever written. It expresses the tremendous value you can bring to a lead. But that’s not the only tool at your disposal.

Try to incorporate these tips to use visuals for better conversion rates:

Tip #1 – Liven It Up

Nothing drives potential leads away faster than a boring headline full of sales pitch language. If you have a subtle headline, though, you still need to liven up your page.

Pick a creative background to grab your visitor’s attention. You can also use transparent text over an attractive image for subtle selling.

Tip #2 – Show off Your Product

A description of your product is great for clarity’s sake. But a picture really does speak a thousand words.

If you offer products, your landing page is a great place to showcase them. Having large images with your product in use is even better.

Having product-use photos is not a hard and fast rule. However, if your product isn’t unique enough on its own, it may be a great tool.

Using images of your product in use helps visitors visualise its use. If you have a target demographic, the image is especially powerful if you feature them in it.

For example, if your target demographic is the senior community, try not to use images that feature young adults. It isn’t necessarily bad. But it is a little more difficult for visitors to picture themselves using it.

And that’s what you want.

Tip #3 – Use Images with People

Abstract photos and landscapes may be great for some landing pages. But generally, people respond to images with other people in them.

Even people that they don’t know.

Studies show that people pay more attention to faces. But that’s not all. Visitors are also more likely to look in the same direction that the image faces.

Is there an important part of the page that you want visitors to see?

Try choosing images that face in the direction of the content – left, right, up, down. They’ll look at the face first and then follow the image’s gaze.

Tip #4 – Take Advantage of GIFs

Visitors do not like auto-play functions on landing pages. It annoys them. And they’re more likely to click it off or mute it.

On the other hand, they’re also not likely to click on videos on their own.

So, how do you demonstrate what your product does?

Incorporating a GIF is a great compromise.

Demonstrate the most important features of your product without being obtrusive.

Tip #5 – Reflect What You Want Visitors to Feel

Should visitors feel a particular emotion when arriving at your landing page?

You can use images to evoke different emotions in the people viewing them. If you want them to feel happy or peaceful, choose images that reflect that. Show images of people with those emotions on your page.

Use this technique carefully, though.

Sprinkle your landing page sparsely with a few well-placed emotion-invoking images. But don’t go overboard. Otherwise, it may feel contrived.

Tip #6 – Make Use of Colour Gradients in Your Design

Great visuals don’t simply mean interesting images. Sometimes all it takes is a simple spark of colour or the way you place it.


One option is to use colours to highlight the unique aspects of your product. Use highlight colours to make your CTA stand out.


Another option is to use a gradient on your landing page. This is different than highlight because it isn’t just a simple pop of colour. Instead, use a gradient to overlay and give your page a unique feel.

Additionally, a gradient also helps to draw the visitor’s eye from one section of the page to another.

Tip #7 – Use the Right Colours

The language of colours is a completely separate subject of its own. But it is important to elements of your landing page design.

Certain colours inspire emotions:

  • Green – health, peaceful, growth
  • Purple – creative, imaginative, wise
  • Yellow – warmth, clarity

Choose design and image colours to create the right atmosphere for visitors.

Tip #8 – Use a Mixture of Different Image Types

The content may be the most comprehensive way to express your product value. But visitors may not want to read through a block of text. Instead, try using different media to get your message across.

This can include infographics as well as images and videos or GIFs.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a danger of using too much digital media. The more you use, the shorter your visitor’s attention span.

Avoid bombarding your landing page with too many visuals. Instead, strive for a balance between well-placed imagery and key content.

Boost Conversion Rates with Well-Placed Visuals

It’s not enough to design a landing page that’s attractive and filled with great content. You need to pay attention to little design details, too.

The right visuals can make a difference in the conversion rate of your landing page.

Try using visuals to brighten up your page and steer eyes toward key points. Also, incorporate images of your product in use so that your visitors see it in action.

Don’t forget that simple changes like colours, lines, and shapes can highlight important ideas.

You don’t necessarily need to use every tip on this list. Instead, try one or two changes first. And track your conversion rate changes.

Make the most of the digital tools at your disposal. Not only does it make your landing page more attractive, but it also keeps visitors’ attention long enough for conversion.

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