Can You Afford $6 To Get A Sale?

Can You Afford $6 To Get A Sale?

$1,190,130 in sales from $53,691 ad spend.

That’s what we just did for one of our online fashion retail clients.

With an average order value of $132, we made a purchase for every $6 we spent.

BUT… It could’ve been very different.


Well, when this client first approached us, they had no intention of running any ads.

They didn’t think they were ready for paid advertising (or even thought they would need to).

Up until that point, their whole business relied solely on organic traffic.

But it was declining.

So, when they came to us they were looking for a new organic strategy that could help get their business back on track.

It wasn’t until we started digging a little deeper into their tracking and Shopify store data that we noticed they were generating 80,000+ unique website visitors and 600+ sales every month – ALL from organic.

But, with organic reach across Facebook & Instagram steadily declining (at an alarming rate), it was clear that they looked to a paid ad strategy.

So, we insisted they turn their sights to paid advertising.

As is the case with most business owners we speak to – they were hesitant at first.

After all, they had grown a 6-figure business alone without any paid ads!

And, like most business owners, they had their reservations and doubts about engaging with an agency…

  • “Would we see a return on ad spend?”
  • “Was it worth the initial investment?”
  • “Could we trust these guys to deliver?!”
  • “Do we even NEED an agency to do this for us?”

But between all the algorithm changes… The constant updates to budget optimisation settings… Power editor (then NO power editor), ads manager updates, changes to interest based audiences, and accurate pixel tracking for clear ROI reporting…

They knew they needed help from professionals. So, that’s what we did.

Firstly, we set up advanced pixel tracking so we could start segmenting and ‘scoring’ the organic traffic on their website.

Then, we got busy building retargeting campaigns, closing the loop on any potential buyers and focussing on sales.

Finally, we built lookalike audiences of all buyers to open up the targeting to new audiences, introducing the brand to a new pool of future buyers.

Then, once we started to see sales and purchases coming, we began scaling…

$100 per day, $200, $500… $1,000… $2,000 per day.

In fact, product was flying out of the door so fast, we were requested to constantly pause our campaigns as product was selling out faster than the suppliers could keep up!

As performance based digital marketers, we strive to simplify the complicated world of digital marketing, while simultaneously scaling and growing businesses through paid strategies.

We’re in the trenches daily. Checking ads. Testing strategies. Optimising and tinkering day in day out.

So, we know what works, and more importantly what doesn’t when it comes to scaling your business on paid advertising.

If you’re ready to start seeing better results and MORE sales from your paid advertising, then speak to one of our growth strategists today.

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