How we scaled ad spend for a Women’s Healthcare clinic by 2,000% while REDUCING cost per lead by 8%

How we scaled ad spend for a Women’s Healthcare clinic by 2,000% while REDUCING cost per lead by 8%

When this Women’s Healthcare practice approached us, they faced a problem that most businesses in today’s day and age face…

Scaling their business…

Which frustrated them (and rightly so!).

You see, they were ready to scale.

> They had their nurses trained and ready to take more calls…

> They had their marketing funnels set up, ready to launch…

> They had their doctors and healthcare professionals ready to take on new appointments…

> They had multiple (9 in total) clinics across Australia anticipating the influx of new patients coming through the doors.

But there was ONE thing holding them back. A bottle neck preventing the business from growing from a 6-figure company, to a multiple 7-figure healthcare practice.

A scalable digital ad strategy.

This is how we scaled their budgets by 2,000%, while reducing their cost per lead by 8%

When they first started out, they were managing their own online marketing campaigns – to some success.

But as soon as they tried to scale budgets past $2,000 a month they hit a ceiling.

Results plateaued.

So, they approached our team of growth marketing specialists for help.

After taking on the case, the first thing we did was a deep dive audit, and noticed all of their campaigns were optimising for what we call “Vanity Metrics”.

  • Page Like campaigns
  • Post engagement campaigns
  • Traffic campaigns
  • Video view campaigns

Turning THIS…

Into THIS…

As I said, they were seeing some success, but these campaign types are not designed to generate valuable customers for your business.

So, the first thing we did was to shift their focus to campaigns designed to generate high quality leads, and fill their pipeline with bookings.

We launched a variety ebook campaigns, documentaries, webinars – all providing information related to the service that their clinic provided: Thyroid & Weightloss treatment for women.

We were quickly generating 100’s of leads a week.

So, we started expanding our targeting by introducing lookalike audiences from these leads, while simultaneously introducing more and more offers.

The lead count went from 100’s a week – to 1,000’s a week.

Then, we introduced retargeting campaigns to our qualified leads to generate bookings and appointments.

Within 11 months, we generated over 55,000 leads and over 16,000 appointments for the business.

We had helped them scale their ad spend by 2,000% while simultaneously reducing their cost per lead by over 8%

Their monthly ad spend had jumped from $2,000 to over $40,000.

And the business saw their revenue double month-on-month, with a 10x return on investment.

In fact, the only thing now stopping them from scaling further is that they literally cannot take on anymore appointments.

A much better problem to have the before we met.

If your business faces a problem scaling, then speak to one of our Growth Marketing Strategists today for a tailored ad account audit and learn the best practices to scaling for your business.